Certify; Notarize; Apostille Documents

Who can certify the documentary copies of identification of person and Hong Kong company?

  • A notary public practising in Hong Kong
  • A solicitor practising in Hong Kong
  • A certified public accountant (practising) in Hong Kong
  • An officer of the court in Hong Kong who is authorised by law to certify documents for any judicial or other legal purpose
  • A professional company secretary practising in Hong Kong

Certify; Notarization; Apostille Services (Price start from HK$300)

Sample Documents accepted for apostille service by Hong Kong High Court Public documents bearing the true signature of an official party such as a HKSAR Government recognized officer.

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record
  • Birth and Death Certificate
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Hong Kong Company Documents such as NNC1, NAR1
  • Director Resolution; Power of Attorney (by Notary Public)