Certified public accountants and lawyers are always ally in civil litigation

or arbitration in commercial world.

Problems encountered by our clients are most likely involve financial and legal issues in a mixture. Those issues cannot be solved easily by either accountants or lawyers solely. That is the core reason why lawyers need accountants in handling legal proceedings.

In order to facilitate legal proceedings, we provide a variety of services specifically designed for the legal profession

Legal Support Services Include:

  • 1Special audit report in winding up of corporations
  • 2Damage or loss of profit claims
  • 3Valuation of company shares in shareholders dispute case
  • 4Expert witness testimony on financial, statutory or professional negligence matters in court, arbitration or mediation proceedings
  • 5Advice to couples who involve in a matrimonial dispute by analyzing complicated and incomplete financial information in the financial statements
  • 6Legal documents translation.
  • 7Valuation report in matrimonial litigation which involve commonly shared business